These are the maps I have made, optimized and/or fixed.

They are free for download and use, As long as they are not edited.

Tanegashima Map Complex

This Map set contains these maps:

  • FEAR Age map: MXT Tanegashima Level 0
  • FEAR Age map: MXT Tanegashima Level -1
  • FEAR Age map: MXT Tanegashima Level -2
  • FEAR Age map: MXT Tanegashima Level -3

Set of Maps based on the Tanegashima Island, where a Space port was located.

I wanted to Create a set of Interconnected maps that could be played like levels of a same location.

This map set has 3 versions, but the last one is by far the most balanced, although you may like more a version that you are used to play. Since the 1.1 and 1.2 has different file names, they can be installed in the same server without conflict.


FEAR Age map: de_Dust2.5

Remake of the classic CS Map

This is the second release of this remake made by {BHOH}BoogMan and me.

This release has some randomized features and bugfixes the out of map exploitable events.

Auburn Memorial Hospital

FEAR Age map: Auburn Memorial Hospital

Abandoned Hospital Style

Inspired on the first scene of the game, this must be the darkest map I've ever made. Even the latest version I released here is the darkest one. Aims to be used mainly for CTF, TDM, Control layout.

This new release has much more light and more scary events. Found some? :)


FEAR Age map: WasteWater

Industrial Style.

This is a rather dark, factory like ambiented and aimed to be a solid CTF, TDM, Control layout.

This new release fixes the respawn bug that the first version had. So far seems good!

MXT Burly Brawl

The Fourth Map I made: MXT Burly Brawl!

This Is a unarmed attack only map!

Is a reconstruction of the Burly Brawl Scene in The Matrix Reloaded Movie, the (in)famous fight between Super-Neo and more than 100 Agent Smiths in a extended orgy of fung fu!

This Map has a Soundtrack too ( the Original one from the scene: “Burly Brawl” by Juno Reactor feat Don Davis), Included in this file.

MXT Warehouse

This is the Third Map I made: MXT Warehouse

A open place with some cargos. This was a 100% original design made by me. This is the latest version aviable.

There are 3 super weapons hidden.

MXT Lobby

This is the second Map I made: MXT Lobby

This is based on the Lobby shoot out scene in The Matrix Movie, with some enhacements to make It more suitable for CTF.

MXT Broken Negotiation

This is the release of my first Complete & Final FEAR MAP:MXT Broken Negotiation

This is a small Office, you need to be the fastest to survive!