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MXT WhiteList Mode Rules

What Is It?

WhiteList Mode is a Feature of SEC2 2.0.6 that allows server admins to allow only a selected list of players to join a server.

Originally suggested by [BoS]Jim and Implemented by him and Fred.cpp, this feature allows maximum control of players in a server, reversing the ban system: by default everybody is banned unless they are manually whitelisted.

How can I join?

We have set up a series of rules to allow you join our servers:

  • Try to join. We will review your joining attempt and allow you to join in our (mostly) daily check.
  • Use your real player name. Smurfing is allowed, but in order to Whitelist you the first time, we need to know who you are.
  • Do Not fake your IP/GUID.We know regular players and regular trolls. trying to confuse the admins will result in slower WhiteList process for you, so avoid It. After all, we are running away from toxic players, don't be one!
  • Be nice.The reason to use a WhiteList is to keep the servers clean. If you don't act accordingly, you may end up being de-whitelisted; you won't have more chances to be whitelisted after that, so please think It twice before going on insults rampage.


Contact the admins, you khow how.

Last updated by =MXT=Fred.cpp 2018-08-02